How do I save propane in the Winter?

We all want to stay warm during the winter, but sometimes it seems difficult to conserve propane in the process. These tips can help you heat your home more efficiently during the winter.

To start, take advantage of having your furnace and gas appliances serviced annually so we can evaluate your home and look for ways we can improve your efficiency. Make sure certain appliances are always operated or ran according to the manufacturer’s specifications and local codes.

If you are able to install a programmable thermostat or a new smart thermostat that can be utilized via iPhone App, DO IT!

Those can accurately follow your family’s normal routine and help you understand when you actually need to have your heat on. For example it can be set to lower the temperature of the home while you are sleeping or are at work, and then increase the temperature when you wake or return home. It is also important to place furniture against inside walls because you’re less likely to feel cool drafts if you're not sitting next to a wall that is adjacent to an outside wall.

Use kitchen and bathroom ventilation wisely, they should be used only when needed and turned off as soon as the job is done. The fans provide ventilation and excess moisture removal, but they also pull warm air out of a household quickly.

Insulation is probably the number one way heat escapes the house. If the attic is light on isolation it is a good idea to add some. You can also purchase inexpensive, pre-cut insulation gaskets and seal out the cold air entering your home through electrical switches and outlet plates, particularly on outside walls.

These tips above are very helpful to conserve propane and energy, but realize it is normal to use more propane during the winter months than any other time of the year. Please reach out if you feel you are losing efficency and we will try our hardest to figure it out.

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